Es la técnica de marketing inmobiliario más efectiva que existe para vender rápidamente y en óptimas condiciones una vivienda


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Por que Doos Box?
Doos Box é a solução mais inovadora em Home Staging. Fabricamos e comercializamos equipamentos efêmeros para reduzir os tempos de espera na venda ou aluguel de apartamentos e casas, é o Home Staging 2.0. Somos o futuro do seu negócio imobiliário. Nossos produtos aprimoram suas técnicas de marketing imobiliário, tornando-as mais eficientes, reduzindo custos e facilitando o processo.
Doos Box
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Marta Millan Ruiz
Marta Millan Ruiz
10:38 13 Oct 20
One of the keys to a perfect home staging !! Totally recommended !!
Jaime Gil Rescalvo
Jaime Gil Rescalvo
08:52 29 Jul 20
We have been their clients for a long time and not only do they have a good and competitive product, but they are also helpful and very attentive.Totally recommend it!ler mais
nelida darias
nelida darias
07:33 21 Jul 20
I work with the doosbox furniture to do my Home Staging jobs and they are great. Easy to install and transport. The treatment of is close and always pleasant. Do not hesitate to buy Doosbox material for your projects !! ????ler mais
Inma Parra
Inma Parra
10:42 20 Jul 20
At Proxxima Inmobiliaria we are very satisfied with the service of this company. Very good quality in its products. Very happy with the result. Highly recommended.ler mais
Marilo Sanchez
Marilo Sanchez
15:05 09 Jul 20
Trato inmejorable, muy amables y atentos y los productos de muy buena calidad, los recomendare seguro !!!
Jennifer Sala
Jennifer Sala
11:27 26 Jun 20
Highly recommended company, very good quality-price products, excellent customer service, it is unbeatable, attentive and above all very decisive. Thank you very much for solving all the doubts at the moment regardless of the time. Provide us with the best advice for our company! Thanks Victor and all the company that you form DoosBox !!! You are great ???????? We will definitely trust you again ????????ler mais
Eduardo Tortosa
Eduardo Tortosa
14:58 25 Jun 20
Excellent service, very attentive in the treatment. Quality for me, unbeatable!
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